We are a new brand which seeks to delight customers by creating wonderful candles while at the same time helping to raise the profile and reduce the risk of Young Sudden Cardiac Death.

We are passionate about creating delightful, nature friendly luxury candles that offer distinctive fragrances and outstanding value for money.

We focus on using raw materials of the highest quality as well as the science and the craft of candle making. We use a superior blend of natural soy bean and coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks, to achieve a nature friendly extended burn time with no unsightly black soot. Our fragrance oils are sourced from leading international fragrance houses specialising in luxury home fragrances.

Before launching them, we spent a year creating, testing and perfecting our initial range of candles.

Ally Candles:

  • Use raw materials that are not tested on animals.
  • Are vegan and are free from animal derivatives and parabens.
  • Throw a strong, consistent and natural but not overpowering, fragrance while burning.
  • Fill their containers completely with no air bubbles; this enhances appearance, burn efficiency and value for money. 
  • Have a smooth and silky appearance on the top to achieve an even burn pool that extends across the entire candle top and avoids “tunnelling”. Tunnelling is where only the centre of the candle burns and is unsightly, reduces fragrance throw and undermines value. 
  • Enjoy a superior burn time for a 220g candle of up to 45 hours.
Not only are we passionate about creating really great candles but also, through them, doing some good: 10% of the price of each candle will be donated to Cardiac Risk in the Young, a charity dedicated to eliminating the tragedy of Young Sudden Cardiac Death.


    .......a genuine luxury product without the luxury price point! And all the better for supporting such an important cause.......


    I love Ally Candles! Long lasting with an elegant fragrance which is obvious without being overpowering.


    ......Ally Candles are a wonderful find.....great fragrances for all settings for home, for her and for him....